Tuesday, Night


I have decided to drink the poison! I will do anything to be with my Lord...and this is all I can do. Wish me luck! Farewell, diary.

Tuesday, Afternoon


Friar has given me a poison...he says it will kill me, but I will eventually wake back up. That way, Friar could take me to Romeo, once I was placed in my family's tomb. I'm nervous..but it may be the only way...

Tuesday, Morning


Father wants me to marry Paris! I'd rather take my own life than be his lady! I don't like this...not at all. Wish me luck..

Tuesday, Dawn


Romeo stayed the night with me last night. It was nice to have him at my side throughout the night. Unfortunately, he had to leave. It wasn't too long ago, but I miss him.

Monday, Night


This is a tragedy. A very woeful day. My beloved cousin Tybalt, is dead. But, that's not the worst of it. The prince has banished Romeo from Verona...how will I be able to live with my lord, if I can not be with him? I hope Friar has an idea... Also, my mother and father have arranged for me to marry Paris! I can not marry him, for I am wed. I don't know what to do...the love of my life is...out of my reach. Wait! I hear a tap against my window...I think it's Romeo! I must go now, it is Romeo!

Monday, Afternoon


We are married now! The love of my life, is now my lord. Father might be ashamed, but I have not told him. Maybe he won't find out. I hope not! Oh well!

Monday, Morning


Romeo and I have spoken once more! He has proposed. I am so excited, Friar Lawrence plans to marry us later today. Maybe now I won't have to marry that swine, Paris. Love Romeo.

Sunday, Night


The party was fun. The food was desirable and, the people were kind. There was another turn of events nearest the end, though. I met a man, by the name of Romeo. I know it's insane, Diary, but I felt an immediate love for him. Unfortunately, he is the son of Lord Montague: my father's true enemy. I see this rivalry as foolish, but I am told I am too young to understand...oh well. I guess I shall rest now.


Sunday, Evening.


Father has arranged a masquerade party. I feel as though I should be excited, but I feel not such joy. Hopefully it will be good. Wish me luck!

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I Love Romeo.